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VQ-580 II-S


To meet the increasing requirements of compact laser scanners for medium- and wide-area mapping as well as for corridor mapping, RIEGL now offers the VQ-580 II-S. The successor of the well-proven VQ-580 II Airborne Laser Scanner provides an increased maximum measurement range of up to 2.450 m. It is perfectly suited for integration with gyro-stabilized mounts as well as into the VQX-1 Wing Pod, RIEGL’s fully integrated laser scanning system for user-friendly installation on Cessna single piston engine aircraft to facilitate various airborne mapping applications.

The device’s light weight and clean design allows seamless integration into stabilized platforms or even small hatches, and enables the efficient acquisition of high-quality data for a variety of applications from a wide range of manned aircraft such as helicopters, small fixed wing aircraft and ultralight aircraft.

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