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We’re excited to define the next iteration Geo Week:  the coming together of the International Lidar Mapping Forum (ILMF), SPAR 3D Expo & Conference and AEC Next as an integrated event covering the next generation of digital technology.  The combined conference program and tradeshow floor will feature commercial applications of 3D technologies, innovations and case studies in the built environment, advanced airborne and terrestrial remote sensing solutions, smart products for a full project team and much more!

From linear mapping to vertical construction, the technologies that allow us to better understand our world are helping professionals across a wide variety of industries to get better and more actionable data quicker than ever before. The incredible amount of data that these tools can capture has created an intersection between the geospatial and built worlds that has created efficiencies and changed expectations in countless ways. Join industry leaders that are charting the course for geospatial and BIM technology integration and its impacts on AEC – Architecture, Engineering; Construction; Asset & Facility Management; Disaster & Emergency Response; Earth Observation & Satellite Applications; Energy & Utilities; Infrastructure & Transportation; Land & Natural Resource Management; Mining & Aggregates; Surveying & Mapping; Urban Planning/Smart Cities, and more.

Conference topics may include:

  • Newest lidar mapping technologies (UAS, Indoor, Mobile)
  • Advances in Topo bathymetric Lidar
  • Horizontal/Civil Infrastructure
  • Airborne Case Studies
  • Advanced Lidar Computing
  • Mapping in Extreme Project Environments
  • Smart Buildings, IoT Sensors and Asset Management
  • The latest innovations and applications of BIM
  • Construction project management tools
  • AEC Innovations
  • GEO BIM – the intersection of BIM and geospatial
  • Industrial applications of 3D technology
  • Optimizing and working with data
  • 3D visualization tools and applications
  • Digital Twins and Smart Cities
  • SLAM and indoor/portable reality capture
  • Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning ApplicationsAdvanced Sensors

In a combined conference, attendees can explore the content specific to their disciplines, but also look ahead to where overlap exists.

Addressing questions such as:

  • How will the merging of geospatial information and BIM play change workflows?
  • How can the convergence of geospatial and digital models lead to a seamless dataset for infrastructure and other large-scale projects?
  • How is geolocation data enabling ecosystems to evolve?
  • What from location intelligence can be directly funneled into business intelligence?
  • What does mapping and reality capture in the age of autonomy really look like?
  • What does it mean to enable collaboration across the full project team (architect, surveyor, builder, owner/operator) to show how software solutions need to evolve to address the full lifecycle of a project from site survey to facilities management and everything in between?
  • How can companies get from scans to actionable data more quickly and effectively?
  • What tools for visualizing 3D information can be used to place models in the real world, or update them in real time?
  • What role will automation, and AI play in capturing data throughout project lifecycles?
  • How are ‘digital twins’ being leveraged to solve problems and increase efficiency over the entire lifecycle of assets and buildings?
  • How do government agencies leverage technology for critical infrastructure products?
  • What does the rise of SLAM-based scanning mean for the AEC industry?

While Geo Week will explore where and how these markets, technologies and solutions overlap, anyone looking for updates related to the latest airborne, terrestrial, and underwater lidar or to hear from providers of 3D solutions and AEC innovations will find them all at the eventThe content from SPAR 3D, AEC Next and ILMF that you are accustomed to getting at the individual events will still be here.

The bonus is that for the same price as a single conference pass, you can now access content from any of these disciplines to better educate yourself for the next wave of technology integration. In the future, professionals who understand the full spectrum of data needs, work processes, software integration and standards in both the geospatial and BIM worlds will be tomorrow’s technology leaders.

What it will mean to fully define and explore these topics and questions is something we’re working on right now and will continue to do so right up until the live event. If you’d like to be part of that process, please get in touch with us to be at the forefront of the next technology revolution that will see the fusing of the physical and digital worlds.

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