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Augmented Lidar Box

Augmented Lidar Box


The Augmented LiDAR Box© (aka ALB) is the first real-time software pre-processor for 3D data.

It allows application developers to quickly and easily integrate state-of-the-art 3D LiDAR processing into any application or product that requires Spatial Intelligence (i.e.. mobile robot, infrastructure-based perception or virtually any smart machine), so they can focus on their application specific added value.

In order to provide a Plug & Play experience, the Software is delivered embedded in a custom hardware device that replaces the interface box of your LiDAR.

The ALB performs various software perception algorithms in real-time, using the LiDAR raw point cloud as an input (i.e. SLAM, Mapping & Relocalization, Object Detection and Tracking, Segmentation & Classification).

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