February 11-13, 2024  |  Colorado Convention Center   |  Denver, CO, USA


AXIS GeoSpatial LLC

What’s on the Horizon?

Many new technologies have begun to be adopted across industries, including AI, Machine Learning, cloud and edge computing. While some of these technologies have become integrated into useful applications, some…

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USIBD Laser Scanning Results

Join USIBD in the Exhibit Hall Theater for the results of their Laser Scanning event. After leading laser scanner manufacturers have scanned the show floor, and that data has been…

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Geospatial Education and Market Needs

The potential of geospatial data to impact our lives cannot be overstated. Mapping, surveying, data analysis and collection are crucial skills that will support the geospatial revolution – but how…

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UAS Data Processing and Applications

Individual presentations highlighting the use of UAS to acquire remotely sensed data for use in research and practical applications, including natural resources mapping, emergency management, and time series change analysis.

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Climate Change and Urban Analysis

Individual and Ignite-style presentations will highlight mapping of climate change-related issues, including urban heat, food security, and vegetation changes at local and global scales.

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