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Mosaic Xplor

Mosaic Xplor


What is it?: The Mosaic Xplor is a cutting-edge mobile mapping backpack camera equipped with LiDAR technology, designed for capturing high-resolution 360° imagery and 3D scans of challenging environments. It’s primarily utilized in geospatial, surveying, and entertainment sectors, with applications extending to industrial facilities, factories, and pedestrian zones​. It allow seamless data collection while in constant motion, whether walking, on a scooter, or biking, without pausing for photos.
Who is using it? (List relevant industries and job titles): Anyone in Geospatial, Surveying, and Entertainment who needs to collect data while on the move, in places that wheels can’t easily access.
Geospatial and Surveying: Professionals such as surveyors, geospatial analysts, and cartographers utilize this technology for data collection and analysis.
Entertainment: In the film industry, VFX studios leverage Mosaic’s technology for creating realistic 3D models and environments.
Industrial Inspection:
Facility managers and safety inspectors employ it for mapping and inspecting industrial sites. users can ascend and descend ladders and stairs with ease and safety.
How is it making an impact? (Describe a case-study or relevant use case): Mosaic Xplor’s blend of high-resolution imagery, 3D scanning, and portable design addresses the evolving demands of these sectors, offering a cost-effective, efficient solution for data capture and analysis in diverse and challenging environments. Hands-free functionality empowers users to maintain stability even in high-risk scenarios. The mobile mapping camera means being able to move at upwards of 25km/hr while capturing images on the go.

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