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ScanSap – a new software in the world of 3D scanning

ScanSap is a new generation software developed by TagLabs that aims to enable industrial and AEC companies to exploit 3D point clouds more easily.

Usually, after the scanning and pre-processing phases, the modeling time is often penalizing for the project.
The point cloud viewer provided to the customer does not allow him to progress efficiently in his study.

With ScanSap, the customer (industrial, engineering, contractor) starts his study immediately, but can also better guide his service provider in his modelling, and thus obtain a more qualitative model, delivered in a short time.

This makes ScanSap unique:
– a 3D point cloud rendering engine with exceptional fluidity, using VulkanĀ® technology,
– advanced point cloud segmentation functionalities,
– detailed and configurable annotations for optimal understanding by all parties involved.

ScanSap is already available on our website https://www.taglabs-solutions.com/

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