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Mosaic Xplor: backpack camera + LiDAR, a Game-Changing Revolution in Geospatial Imagery and 3D Scanning

Mosaic Xplor is set to redefine the landscape of geospatial and 3D scanning with its revolutionary 360º Mobile Mapping Backpack Camera + LiDAR.

In late 2023, Mosaic – Geospatial Imagery Leaders – introduced a new model to their camera lineup – a sleek, compact format designed for exploring the most inaccessible places while upholding Mosaic’s renowned quality and reliability standards, deemed by one interested party to be “a really interesting twist on the market norm.”

This cutting-edge technology empowers users to explore, capture, and analyze challenging-to-reach environments with the highest-resolution laser and photogrammetric scanning, unlocking a world of possibilities in geospatial, industry, and entertainment applications.

“Our newest product – the Mosaic Xplor – has been well-received in the industry, with many interested companies already requesting demos and rentals for the release in 2024. They are excited at the opportunity to maintain the high optical quality and image outputs associated with our Mosaic 360 cameras with the added benefits of LiDAR as well as the increased mobility and coverage that will come from being able to truly explore anywhere by foot or bicycle.”
Jeffrey Martin, CEO of Mosaic

Where the Mosaic Xplor stands out from the competition lies in both the packaging and the outputs.
In high-risk scenarios, offering hands-free functionality, translates to maintaining stability while exploring previously inaccessible areas, such as ascending and descending ladders with ease. The device also enables fast data capture, allowing users to collect information on the move, whether walking, riding a scooter, or biking, without the need to pause while capturing photos.

The device’s portability and comfort make it ideal for extended surveying sessions, ensuring hours of comfortable use. The expanded vertical field of view (FOV) allows for capturing almost straight-down imagery, leaving no detail unrecorded.

‘The Mosaic Xplor is a really interesting twist on the market norm. Seemingly it’s a high-resolution camera that also does SLAM LiDAR rather than the other way around. With an increasing demand for high-quality spherical imagery to support and colourise LiDAR point clouds, perhaps the image-first Xplor approach is the way forward’
Derek Lawrence, Reality Capture Specialist

The data capture will be able to generate 14K resolution spherical panoramas, precise (colored) point clouds with 5cm accuracy and 3cm precision, capturing detailed data in both color and depth, detailed textured mesh models, 3D Gaussian Splats, and NeRFs.
For more information and to pre-order, please visit: www.mosaic51.com/cameras/mosaic-xplor/

About Mosaic 360º Geospatial Imaging Specialists
Mosaic is a leading innovator in the geospatial and mobile mapping industries dedicated to pushing the boundaries of technology and driving progress in geospatial and 3D scanning. With a commitment to excellence and a passion for innovation, we continue to develop cutting-edge solutions that make a difference.

For media inquiries, please contact:
Lynn Puzzo, Director of Sales and Marketing at Mosaic
📩 [email protected]


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