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ACCA Software Releases New IFC Viewer Version

When we work with BIM, the freedom to share data in an open environment is a growing need. In a BIM workflow, data can be shared in different file formats but the most common and most neutral is definitely IFC (acronym for Industry Foundation Classes).

IFC format, developed by buildingSMART, was born with the aim to guarantee building data exchange regardless of the authoring software used.
At ACCA software, the Italian leader in the software development for the construction industry, we firmly believe that open BIM can only help the AEC sector to grow. In fact, we are bSI Standard Member and we have about 20 certified bSI software for IFC2X3 Coordination View 2.0 import/export (that’s actually more than anyone else in the world!).

The need to edit IFC models, to add/update/remove information contained in them in different purposes/workflows, is currently imperative.
Given that a BIM authoring software cannot handle all these needs, we came up with a BIM Tool that enables users to both edit the IFC model and export it once modified: usBIM.viewer+, our (free) IFC Viewer and Editor solution.

The latest version released brings both new editing functionalities and viewing optimizations, such as the below:

  • Properties from Excel*: You can now load and save properties and templates in the Excel file format for further editing.
  • Templates “from selection”*: You can now apply templates to the current selection.
  • Templates “all”*: It is also possible to apply the templates to all entities in the model that is currently in edit.
  • IFC4X1 and IFC4X2 files: now you can view IFC4X1 (IfcAlignment) and IFC4X2 (IfcBridge) file types.
  • Edit Groups: create/modify/remove groups (IfcGroup) and their relating properties.
  • Edit MEP Systems: create/modify/remove MEP systems (IfcSystem) and their relating properties.
  • Opening: file opening speed has been improved even for very large files.

Thanks to usBIM.viewer the IFC format becomes not only a source of access to the data regardless of the software that created the file, but also the way in which data is managed during both the execution of the construction works and the maintenance phase.

Download the latest version of usBIM.viewer+ at the following link: www.accasoftware.com/en/ifc-viewer
Our freeware is available in English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and German. Updates, training, and support will always be free of charge.

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