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Vexcel Data Program

Multispectral imagery from Vexcel helps users see the unseeable with near-infrared and color-infrared data. It supercharges imagery analysis and workflows with this wider color spectrum that’s invisible to the naked eye but easily helps identify living and non-living objects.

Using Vexcel’s market-leading UltraCam camera sensors, collection of the near-infrared (NIR) color band happens while also capturing aerial imagery of urban and rural areas. The UltraCam collects 4 color bands–red, green, blue and NIR. That fourth band, NIR, unlocks what can’t be seen, showing an additional layer of information that typical imagery can’t.

This wider, near-infrared spectrum helps categorize and identify live vegetation and impervious surfaces. End users can quickly identify live vegetation, bodies of water, roads, and buildings. Plus, it can highlight change over time as city planners or urban developers monitor the health of parks, city green space, and forestry.

Artificial intelligence (AI) systems maximize the valuable insights and smart data for enhanced analytics. Run a call for tree overhang to see where potential risks are. Identify defensible space around properties where wildfire risk is high. Monitor the efficiency of irrigation systems and manage impervious surface tax.

NIR is collected directly from Vexcel’s camera sensors and is only available as an on-premises product. Color-infrared (CIR) is the colorized version of NIR, making it easier to see what is normally impossible to detect. CIR is available online via the Vexcel Viewer web application, standard map services, and Vexcel platform APIs.

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