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Vexcel Data Program

Vexcel’s Elevate data products help end users drive innovation with accurate digital elevation data. Elevate is comprised of two products: Digital Surface Model (DSM) and Digital Terrain Model (DTM). DSM and DTM products tell the story of the earth’s surface, from capturing both natural/built features of an environment (DSM) to natural/bare earth features (DTM).

Elevate allows an end user to immerse themselves in an environment with 3D height information in high-spatial resolution across both urban and rural areas. Elevate is created with Vexcel’s other aerial captures, meaning users get a perfect spatial alignment between elevation data and imagery for a more consistent and trusted output.

DSM accurately models the surface of the ground and objects that sit on the surface, such as trees, vegetation, and man-made structures. DSM detail enables users to create their own classification layers. Many GIS problems can be resolved with accurate DSM data.

DTM data represents the bare earth with above ground object automatically removed during processing. This information is linearly interpolated to characterize bare-earth terrain. DTM information can be paired with DSMs to perform soil mapping, flood or drainage modeling, land use studies and other geological applications.

Elevate data can be accessed through Vexel’s API for planning in popular GIS and CAD platforms. Bringing this high-resolution data into planning and development workflows provides a better understanding of the world.

This data can be used to create digital twins for smart city planning. It helps improve data-driven decisions for smart devices, the Internet of Things, and cloud computing. DSM data is helping drive smarter connectivity in urban centers looking to roll out 5G networks globally. Network designers can more readily identify transmitter locations, easily map line-of-sight, and streamline field operations.

DSM data can solve many challenges in urban development and heritage conservation. Generate 3D models of buildings, roads, and trees to improve infrastructure planning and maintenance. Monuments or historical sites can be rendered for monitoring deterioration or development encroachment.

Elevate provides the means for enhancing project planning and workflows with accurate location intelligence.

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