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AirWorks Launches New Data Marketplace to Provide Geospatial Data On-Demand; Inks Alliance with Nearmap as First Premium Content Provider

AirWorks to leverage Nearmap content to provide AI-generated linework from aerial imagery to Architecture, Engineering, and Construction organizations

BOSTON, MA. AND Salt Lake City, UT. — January xx, 2023 — AirWorks, a leading AI-powered mapping solution, providing geospatial data processing and analytics, and Nearmap, a leading location intelligence and aerial imagery company, today announced Nearmap will join AirWorks’ newly-launched Data Marketplace, an ecosystem of geospatial data providers that aims to bridge the gap between data access, processing, and analytics, uniting it in a single platform –AirWorks Automate™. Through this agreement, Airworks and joint Nearmap-Airworks customers will be able to request and access planimetric data based on Nearmap imagery.

High-resolution aerial imagery from Nearmap is now available on-demand for all AirWorks clients in their Automate™ accounts, allowing them to place orders for feature extraction and receive complete, actionable engineering deliverables in record time. The AirWorks Data Marketplace is the first solution in the market that integrates data availability with linework creation in the same platform. Through this simplified process, clients will see significant increases in productivity, completing more projects faster and freeing up internal resources for value-generating activities. Users are not required to be existing Nearmap subscribers to take advantage of the imagery in AirWorks.

AirWorks’ web-based software turns orthomosaic photos and photogrammetric point clouds into vectorized basemaps for easy analysis and operates anywhere at any time. Through its patented machine learning algorithm, the software autonomously identifies and categorizes data points, optimizing itself to create CAD outputs with pixel-level accuracy. Clients can upload an unlimited number of datasets for projects.

“AirWorks was built on the vision that geospatial data can help us tackle some of the most important problems our society faces today: rapid urbanization, population growth, and climate change. For the first time ever, project mapping data, feasibility plans, GIS basemaps, and other analytics can be accessed directly from our customers’ offices and workstations, eliminating the complexity of data collection and reducing costs through AI-powered analysis. Now, engineers, governments, and other stakeholders can increase design phase efficiencies and better understand the impact that any new construction project can have on the environment,” said David Morczinek, CEO and Co-founder of AirWorks. “We’re excited to partner with Nearmap to give our customers access to imagery that is accurate and recent. With this, we can start a new era of powering engineering and GIS projects with updated project plans and analytics.”

“We’ve learned from an overwhelming majority of organizations that they want to choose how they access Nearmap content for their business. This includes having the flexibility to access data instantly through Nearmap MapBrowser or through a third-party platform. Nearmap is responding by adding flexibility and market leading content including high-resolution 2D aerial imagery and 3D content to better support companies,” said Tony Agresta, General Manager of Nearmap in North America. “Organizations can now work smarter and more efficiently knowing that their AirWorks planimetric basemaps can be built on current and highly accurate Nearmap imagery.”

“We built the AirWorks Data Marketplace to more easily connect the right data source with the right project,” said Adam Kersnowski, Chief Evangelist & co-founder of AirWorks. “In the complex industry that we work in, we increasingly see that the wide variety of project needs –accuracies, deliverables, budgets and timelines can all be different every time, which presents a challenge for firms when it comes to choosing the best data collection method for a specific project. If we can ease that burden by removing the barriers to accessing geospatial data from the best providers in the market, then we can better enable our clients to get projects done faster, which is becoming a must in an industry that is moving towards shorter project delivery times more than ever before. We’re looking forward to fostering strong relationships with more providers and building integrations to AirWorks Automate through APIs for even faster data exchange.”

Nearmap location data and content is now available for use directly in AirWorks through the new Data Marketplace. For more information, contact the AirWorks team at (857)-990-1060 or [email protected].

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