February 6-8, 2022   |   Denver, CO, USA

Vicki Lukas

Vicki Lukas is the Chief of Topographic Data Services in the National Geospatial Program of the USGS, where she oversees the 3D Elevation Program and the National Hydrography Datasets of The National Map. Vicki has over 25 years of experience as a Geographer at the USGS. Past positions include overseeing partnership activities of The National Map and the national network of Liaisons, serving as a mapping liaison in the western U.S., and beginning her career in digital geologic mapping. Vicki has been the project lead on multiple mapping coordination initiatives, including the 3DEP Executive Forum, the Alaska Mapping Roundtable and Executive Committee, and the project team of the National States Geographic Information Council and National Association of Counties to develop partnering mechanisms for The National Map program.

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