February 11-13, 2024  |  Colorado Convention Center   |  Denver, CO, USA

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Michael Koterba

Michael Koterba is MJ’s chief technology officer and geospatial services manager. For the past decade, he has been adapting the latest technology to increase the speed and accuracy of MJ’s GIS, and mapping capabilities.  

Michael led the effort to incorporate laser scanning, mobile mapping and UAV technology into MJ’s mapping process. Most recently, he spearheaded MJ’s in-house initiative to develop MJ4D, a web-based software that offers users the ability to remotely explore a digital twin directly via a web browser.

An expert in existing conditions documentation and digital asset management. Michael has implemented the use of laser scanning, mobile mapping, UAV technology, ArcGIS and MJ4D to create a digital twin for a variety of projects. He has worked to advocate and educate MJ’s employees and clients, as well as college and grade-school students, on the benefits of using these powerful technologies to create comprehensive asset management programs. He has won several industry awards for his innovative use of laser scanning and mobile mapping techniques. 

Michael has an associate degree in land surveying technology from the New York State College of Environmental Science & Forestry in Wanakena and a bachelor’s degree in political science from Hunter College in New York City.

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