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DJI M300 Mapping Payload from Klau Geomatics

The M300 has hit the ground running with rave reviews on its capabilities. It features long flight time, good payload capacity, many refinements that I am sure you have read about if not seen in person. The inspection camera is a game-changer, with RGB, thermal and RGB zoom all recorded while tracking objects with target coordinates. An incredibly powerful drone.

But where is the mapping payload? As the camera data is now recorded on the sensor, even cameras like the X7 are not supported – nowhere to send the data.

Enter the Klau Geomatics KlauPPK and Sony camera payload. With the M300, the synergy is outstanding.

The Klau Geomatics Sony gimbal connects straight into the DJI bayonet mount, just like any other DJI camera. The payload is independent of the drone, there is no data connection to the drone – so your photos are only on the camera. The camera is stabilized and tilted via remote control.

The M300 supports custom cameras in the mapping mission planner. The DJI Crystal Sky controller runs DJI Pilot where you can enter the parameters of your Sony camera. The mission planner will calculate the image footprint and plan your mission for your required GSD and overlap requirements. Perfect! Then enter the trigger interval into the KlauPPK hardware to trigger the camera by the true distance between photos.

Take off and hover to allow the M300 to apply its Center of Gravity calibration. The KlauPPK/Sony payload (a bit under 1kg) is well within spec for this drone and the CoG calibration assesses the load balance and tunes its parameters to suit.

Flight time for the M300 is incredible for a multirotor. Around 45 minutes, and not much less with the Sony camera and KlauPPK on board.

Now, think about the quality of the data you are collecting. Beyond just the greater pixel count, with the large sensors in the Sony cameras you capture more data in each pixel. Your photogrammetry software can make better decisions with more data to create more accurate 3D maps and models, smooth precise surfaces where you once had artifacts, bumps and blurs.

With KlauPPK you can reduce your side overlaps and still achieve solid aerial triangulation (AT). And with the quality lenses and sensors in the Sony cameras, you may want to increase your GSD to cover more ground, but still achieve accurate, quality results.

You can fly longer, cover more ground with less photos and achieve better accuracy and quality than previously achievable.

KlauPPK is best in class positioning, based on military grade GNSS with years of industry experience. As with any KlauPPK installation, you can use the PPP option, which provides very high accuracy without a base station (2-3cm XYZ in many regions) via the MakeItAccurate processing engine. The KlauPPK unit, with its own battery, antenna and integrated IMU, attaches to the top of the drone and is modular, to mount on your other drones as well.

The KlauPKK Sony gimbal is recommended for use with the RX1r2 (fixed 35mm lens) or a6400 (with a choice of lenses). These cameras have fixed components and can carry their calibration from job to job, essentially negating the need for GCPs (always have your checks though!). Some customers prefer the a7R which has a large pixel count – however, as there are moving internal parts, you will need a GCP or two on each project to manage lens errors (plus those checks!).

The DJI M300 has set a new standard in endurance and payload and is a great match with the KlauPPK Sony payload. A big step up in data quality matched with the latest greatest tech from DJI. Contact Klau Geomatics via the www.klauppk.com website to learn more.

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