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True Ortho

Vexcel Data Program

Bring the real world into view with Vexcel’s True Ortho imagery. This ultra-high-resolution and lossless format aerial imagery provides end users with a sound understanding of ground truth.

At a resolution of 7.5cm or better, True Ortho brings sites, properties, and areas of interest (AOI) into view with stunning clarity. Collected in urban areas in over 20+ countries, users can scan rooftops, view city streets, and identify property attributes with ease using this rich, cloud-based aerial content.

True Ortho is nearly 16x greater in resolution than satellite imagery. Collected by market-leading camera sensors, Vexcel’s True Ortho has no parallax (building lean), does not suffer from poor color balancing, and produces no visible seamlines. Vexcel’s unique processing uses advanced photographic techniques to line images up with exactness and remove terrain and building distortions.

Vexcel’s imagery is correlated with ground control points, giving end users a comprehensive dataset that meets the highest level of industry standards in absolute positional accuracy and measurements.

Use True Ortho to access current and historical imagery to increase knowledge and understanding of a particular AOI. Quickly identify changes either natural or human created, from landscape adjustments to construction development and more.

Vexcel True Ortho is the ideal product for taking measurements of an area, width, or distance. Accurately inspect properties, identify countless attributes, and measure on-the-ground features with great detail.

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