February 10-12, 2025  |  Colorado Convention Center   |  Denver, CO, USA

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Aevex Aerospace Lidar

Leveraging Location Data for Built World Needs

Feb 12 2024

4:30 PM - 5:30 PM MT

Exhibit Hall Theater

Location data has become a pivotal tool in tackling complex challenges within the built environment, and recent technological advancements are bridging the gap between geospatial information and the AEC sector like never before. During this presentation, speakers will learn how GIS is driving much-needed transformation in the AEC industry, showcasing specific project illustrations that demonstrate the synergy of GIS with BIM, AI, knowledge graphs, Internet of Things (IoT), and imagery. Furthermore, this session will underscore the power of collaboration among architects, engineers, construction firms, and governmental entities, facilitated by the exchange of geospatially referenced data, imagery, 3D models, and maps. Looking toward the future, one presenter will delve into the innovative use of Augmented Reality in enhancing accessibility to critical infrastructure asset information by seamlessly linking geospatial locations in the physical world.

Session Moderator

AR Mavericks, Inc.


Spaur Group / METAGEO

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