February 11-13, 2024  |  Colorado Convention Center   |  Denver, CO, USA

ILMF is joined by AEC Next and SPAR 3D for Geo Week!

We’re excited to define the next iteration of Geo Week: the coming together of the International Lidar Mapping Forum (ILMF), SPAR 3D Expo & Conference, and AEC Next as an integrated event covering the intersection of geospatial and the built world.

From linear mapping to vertical construction, the technologies that allow us to better understand our world are helping professionals across a wide variety of industries to get better and more actionable data quicker than ever before. While Geo Week will explore how the markets, technologies and solutions overlap, anyone looking for updates on the latest in mobile mapping, lidar and remote sensing will still find them within our event and digital offerings.

In a combined conference, you can explore the content specific to your disciplines, but also look ahead to where overlap exists.

Examples of conference topics:

  • How can the convergence of geospatial and digital models lead to a seamless dataset for infrastructure and other large-scale projects?
  • How is geolocation data enabling ecosystems to evolve?
  • What from location intelligence can be directly funneled into business intelligence?
  • What tools for visualizing 3D information can be used to place models in the real world, or update them in real time?
  • What role will automation, and AI play in capturing data?
  • How do government agencies leverage technology for critical infrastructure products?

With dedicated lidar, surveying and mapping-focused tracks within the conference schedule, as well as a continued commitment to following the latest industry news for our engaged professional audience, the content you know and love is still here – and is growing.

About Geo Week

Imagine a single powerhouse event that champions the coming together of geospatial technologies and the built environment. Where professionals from a range of disciplines network and gain insight into the increasing confluence of their worlds. Where cutting-edge technology offers new possibilities, improved efficiencies, and better outcomes. And where education opens the door to the future just ahead.

AEC Next Technology Expo & Conference, International Lidar Mapping Forum, and SPAR 3D Expo & Conference, along with partner events ASPRS Annual Conference and USIBD Annual Symposium, are coming together in 2022.

Welcome to Geo Week, the intersection of geospatial + the built world.

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Conference Program

The latest updates, case studies, ideas, and predictions from a variety of experts: innovators, end-users, regulators, and more. What trends and technologies do they see coming? What new challenges and opportunities lie ahead? How can you and your organization prepare, anticipate, and benefit in a rapidly evolving environment?

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The newest solutions for geospatial and the built world all under one vendor-neutral roof! Compare and qualify the technologies disrupting countless industries and experience that by coming together they are even more powerful for project delivery and asset lifecycle. You’ll experience the entirety of BIM, advanced airborne/terrestrial technologies, and commercial 3D technologies – now and what’s to come.

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