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Vexcel Data Program

Vexcel Ortho imagery takes end users from the city to the farmland with both urban and rural area collection. Captured in 20+ countries at a resolution of 15-20cm, Ortho imagery allows viewers to see their project or site at scale with an off-the-shelf image library right at their fingertips.

Access high resolution imagery that is 4-8X greater in resolution than satellite. Tap into an image library with a broad breadth of data, greater in scope and coverage than any drone capture program. Rely on the consistency of Vexcel’s data for AI applications to trust detection algorithms for swimming pools, new construction, solar panels and more.

Use Ortho imagery to quickly identify growth areas in suburban or rural areas and use measurement tools to get better context of an AOI. Evaluate landscape changes such as watershed or agricultural concerns to construction development like roadways, railways, and beyond.

With Vexcel Ortho imagery, end users get access to data that is positioned against ground control points, meaning those who inspect properties or detect change can do so with confidence trusting in Vexcel’s highly accurate aerial imagery.

Compare current and historical imagery to unlock a wealth of ground knowledge and better understand a particular site or location. Use Ortho imagery to identify changes either natural or human created, from landscape adjustments to construction development and beyond.

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