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Vexcel Data Program

When full context of a site or property in question is needed. Vexcel’s Oblique imagery provides an authoritative view. Captured at a 45-degree angle, Oblique features a bird’s-eye view of buildings and properties in extraordinary detail. Remove tree cover obstructions, see around building eaves, and maneuver between structures to get the full perspective.

At a resolution of 7.5cm or better, Vexcel Oblique images show a multi-perspective view from all four cardinal directions–north, south, east, west. End users can gain better insights of an area of interest (AOI) by quickly switching between these viewpoints for enhanced evaluation.

Collected in urban locations in more than 20+ countries around the globe, Vexcel Oblique is collected with the award-winning UltraCam Osprey 4.1 camera sensor. And because Vexcel data is processed in a lossless compression format with ground control points, the integrity of each pixel is maintained and is accurate to within a two-pixel standard deviation. This results in incredible detail with valuable metadata end users can extract from the image directly or by integrating it into powerful analytics platforms.

Oblique imagery was made for measuring. End users can take highly accurate height measurements and perform complete virtual site inspections without ever needing to leave your office or home. Avoid costly rework and better gauge project resources by taking measurements for safety, compliance, and design requirements.

Bring Vexcel Oblique imagery into your workflows through Vexcel’s web-based application, Viewer, or in custom applications through Vexcel’s platform APIs, to see multiple viewpoints in crystal clarity.

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