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FIXAR 025 is an autonomous full-electric drone designed for large-scale missions for industrial applications.
The FIXAR 025 carries up to 22 lbs (25 kg) payload for up to 186 mi (300 km) on one battery charge. The operations are fully autonomous, assured by an in-house developed next-generation Autopilot and xGroundControl software, making it an efficient and reliable choice for a beyond-visual line of sight (BVLOS) missions.
The reduced power consumption and aerodynamic design allow for significantly extended flight time and increased payload capacity. In combination, it allows the execution of the task faster and with fewer takes. The aircraft’s weather resistance capacity significantly reduces the possible downtime. The advanced xGroundControl software supports single and up to 10-unit multi-drone missions simultaneously, making it a remarkable UAV for building a drone fleet.
This is an ideal solution for mapping, orthomosaic, aerial photography and surveillance missions to cover long distances with one or two sophisticated sensors (RGB+LiDAR, Thermal camera, etc).

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