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Cintoo Cloud – TurboMesh


Since its first release in 2019, Cintoo Cloud has been leveraging a unique point cloud-to-mesh technology that turns each scanning position into a multiresolution 3D mesh that can be easily and quickly streamed in a web browser, providing access to anyone, anywhere. This proprietary technology preserves the accuracy of the source sensor and the structure of the project (including panoramic images) while compressing the raw scan data by 10 to 20 times, making it much easier to upload and store. Experts and non-experts alike can now navigate their scans in a pure mesh-based experience, viewing 3D surfaces that reveal details that they have never seen before while removing the ambiguity of point cloud viewing. The success has been phenomenal over the last 3 years with almost 400 corporations and 30,000 users now using the platform in 35 countries.
Now, Cintoo is proud to announce the release of its new TurboMeshâ„¢ engine, extending our acclaimed browser-based, mesh-based viewing experience to full 3D navigation in addition to scan-to-scan navigation! With TurboMeshâ„¢, anyone can navigate the scans and experience the as-built data as 3D surfaces down to the resolution of the source scanner: no compromise in accuracy!

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