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AXIS GeoSpatial LLC

Barbara Ryan

Barbara Ryan is the Executive Director at World Geospatial Industry Council (WGIC). Her current interests build on a career of environmental governance, science and technology,

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Chris Fisher

Christopher T. Fisher, PhD, is an archaeologist, professor of anthropology at Colorado State University, and the founder of the Earth Archive. Dr. Fisher’s research has centered

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Kevin T Gallagher

ResponsibilitiesMr. Gallagher is the Associate Director for the Core Science Systems Mission Area and oversees the USGS National Land Imaging Program, the National Geospatial Program,

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Salla Eckhardt

Salla identifies as a passionate and inspiring innovation leader and a change agent for the global construction and real estate industry. She is recognized as

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Michael Zanetti

Michael is a lunar and planetary geologist who specializes in Comparative Planetology, using field investigations on Earth as analogs to better understand geologic processes and

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Tara O’Shea

Tara is passionate about realigning natural and human systems to forge more sustainable models of economic development, and has worked across the academic, nonprofit, finance

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Amy Peck

Amy Peck is the Founder & CEO of EndeavorXR, a leading global VR/AR (XR) strategy & consulting firm. She is a recognized futurist and thought-leader,

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Alan Campbell

Alan Campbell has more than ten years of experience in the aerospace industry in numerous technical and managerial roles. Alan joined the Space Systems Program

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