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Eagle Point Software expands its reach with new features included in latest release of Pinnacle Series

The leading Learning Management System in the AEC Industry is evolving its solution to deepen its relationship and help solve more problems for its clients.

Today, Eagle Point Software announced and made available to current subscribers the Q1 2020 Release of Pinnacle Series. The main focus of this release is to expand the functionality of the platform to help broaden the use of the Pinnacle Series throughout the customer’s organization. While many improvements were made, the release includes three key elements of new functionality.

Learning: Knowing that e-learning is not the single answer to learning and development in large businesses, the Pinnacle Series now supports a Blended Learning approach. New features allow the training and support staff within AEC firms to schedule, manage, track and report on both live and e-learning sessions.

Sharing Knowledge: Within the AEC industry it’s well known that most design and construction firms work with outside subconsultants and subcontractors on projects. To help share knowledge, standards, best practices and more with the outside “subs”, Pinnacle Series now allows administrators to invite external people from outside of their organization into a Work Group, providing easy access to the appropriate materials for the specific project.

Customization: All customers are different and have different goals. Pinnacle Series’ user interface is now customizable by administrators to facilitate the adoption of the solution and solve specific goals for the customer. More than just branding, colors, and themes, which have been customizable for some time, the administrators now can pick and choose which features show up to their users, how they are displayed and where they appear. This new functionality, created as customizable widgets, allows the right solution to be presented to the end-users.

“This is a very exciting day for all of us at Eagle Point Software, as well as for our partners and customers. We’ve spent a lot of time over the past year interviewing and listening to our users. There were several key improvements they wanted and with this release, we’re able to deliver on our promises.” John Biver, President & CEO said. “We expect this release will provide the right solution for mid-size and large organizations across the AEC industry to leverage Pinnacle Series as a corporate learning and productivity platform. But this is just the start to 2020, there is much more to come.”

About Eagle Point Software

Since 1983, Eagle Point has been focused on increasing the productivity of its clients. Over the last 36 years our products have evolved but our focus has not changed. Eagle Point’s Pinnacle Series is the most awarded productivity platform in the AEC ecosystem. Pinnacle Series is a robust platform that provides personalized learning opportunities, acts as a hub to capture and share knowledge and keeps users productive by answering their questions as they go through their daily work.

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