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Unveiling Compact Handheld Scanner at Geo Week 2024: XGRIDS Revolutionizes 3D Scanning with Lixel Series Products

XGRIDS, a leading provider of 3D intelligent technology services, is set to launch its latest innovation, a compact handheld 3D scanner——LixelKity K1, at Geo Week 2024. With a remarkable growth trajectory in 2023, the flagship Lixel L Series (professional SLAM-based handheld 3D scanner) has already empowered over 300 clients worldwide in real-time 3D reconstruction, survey and mapping, construction and real estate, digital twins, stockpile measurement.

Key Features of the Upcoming LixelKity K1 Compact Handheld Scanner:
1. Lightweight and Compact Design (Under 1kg)
2. Real-time 3D Reconstruction with Instant Color Point Cloud Generation
3. LiDAR:
– 40 Channels, 200,000 Points/s
– Accuracy: 1.2cm
– Scanning Distance: 40m
– 360° Horizontal Field of View
4. Built-in Cameras
– 56 MP
– 360×360 True Panorama
5. Easy to Use – Pick up, walk, and scan, making 3D modeling as simple as taking a stroll.
6. Wide Range of Applications – Ideal for property measurement, digital twins, film and gaming, and 3D visualization.

XGRIDS and Its Lixel Series Solutions’ Revolutionary Impact on the Industry:
XGRIDS introduces a paradigm shift in the 3D scanning industry with its handheld SLAM scanner. This innovative solution brings forth unprecedented efficiency, real-time capabilities, portability, and multi-source integration, transforming the industry in the following ways:

1. Streamlining Complex Workflows:
The handheld SLAM scanner revolutionizes intricate surveying processes, significantly reducing operational time and cost for professional surveyors.

2. Empowering Newcomers and Enthusiasts:
The device enables newcomers and 3D enthusiasts to swiftly capture and generate real-world 3D content. This accessibility greatly contributes to content creation and ecosystem enrichment.

3. Versatility and Practicality:
The compact design and high integration of SLAM make it applicable in diverse scenarios, expanding the application landscape for 3D visualization. It serves as a foundational productivity tool, truly altering human life by enhancing efficiency in 3D content creation.

Geo Week 2024 – Where Innovation Meets Real-world Applications:
XGRIDS will unveil its latest product at Geo Week 2024, showcasing the capabilities of the compact handheld scanner LixelKity K1. With a focus on efficiency, precision, and ease of use, XGRIDS continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the 3D scanning industry.

For Media Inquiries:
Contact Mindy Li, International Business Manager, at [email protected]

XGRIDS is a forefront provider of 3D intelligent technology services, committed to simplifying workflows, enhancing productivity, and democratizing advanced technology across various industries. With our real-time 3D reconstruction solutions, XGRIDS is dedicated to supporting partners and customers worldwide.
Visit XGRIDS at Geo Week 2024 – Booth 235 to experience the future of 3D scanning technology.
Official Website: www.xgrids.com

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