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OxTS Georeferencer 2.0

OxTS Georeferencer

Oxford Technical Solutions Ltd

OxTS Georeferencer is OxTS’ own LiDAR georeferencing software. It can be used alongside an OxTS INS and various LiDAR sensors to quickly and easily create highly accurate 3D pointclouds.

Version 2.0 includes new features to help LiDAR surveyors create the pointcloud most ideal for their application. These include:

Accuracy estimation – A formula for estimating the uncertainty in point positions based on INS and LiDAR accuracy.

Global coordinates – Users can process in a range of coordinate systems including local coordinates, ECEF and LLA (latitude, longitude and altitude).

Processing options – A range of processing options based on accuracy, range, speed and angle. Users can also add into the pointcloud point normal and trajectory data.

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