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13 January 2022

Aerometrex is collaborating with Transmira Inc., a metaverse company based in Raleigh NC, to scan multiple cities worldwide and create full-scale 3D digital twins for each location. The city-scale digital twins will be part of Transmira’s OMNISCAPE™ metaverse platform. OMNISCAPE™ is the first metaverse that seamlessly blends Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) together, and links digital objects to real-world counterparts.

Digital Twins are immersive 3D environments that replicate real-world places for virtual reality and the Metaverse. These city-scale digital twins are highly realistic, immersive, interactive, and can be explored by thousands of users simultaneously in a multi-user shared experience.

Aerometrex’s latest 3D model of Las Vegas includes the iconic strip, and the real-world location of the recently concluded, CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2022 where the company joined Transmira in showcasing their work on the metaverse.

“We are excited to collaborate with Transmira and be part of creating the first and only global-scale metaverse based on the real world.”, said David Byrne, COO and acting CEO of Aerometrex. “Our state-of-the-art technology for scanning cities in 3D leads the industry in speed, scale, and high-definition resolution. The applications for city-scale digital twins are incredible, and Omniscape’s™ potential to tap into what is on track to become a multi-trillion dollar industry is unlimited.”

Speaking about Aerometrex’s 3D capabilities, Robert Rice, CEO of Transmira commented, “The Aerometrex scanning technology is amazing and light years beyond the rest of the industry. Digital twins are fundamental for developing the metaverse for the real-world and real-world applications that will redefine and disrupt multiple industries. Aerometrex enables us to accelerate our metaverse roadmap by years and positions us to take a market leader role quickly.”

Rice further stated that “While other “metaverses” concentrate on novelty augmented reality experiences, or social VR worlds and games, we have been developing key technologies and IP needed for a vibrant digital economy, virtual goods monetization and marketplace, blockchain integration, robust tools for creators, and APIs for IoT and Smart City applications. Omniscape™ will lead the industry into the next evolution of the internet and immersive media.”

Transmira’s CES presentation blended the virtual and real-world and included Aerometrex’s Miami 3D model. Transmira and Aerometrex hosted a live presentation at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2022) of an immersive digital twin of South Beach in Miami while revealing a historical industry-first experience demonstrating interactions between users in Las Vegas and Miami and their avatars in AR and VR simultaneously.

About Transmira Inc.
Transmira, Inc. is a Raleigh, North Carolina-based start-up developing the first real-world metaverse platform, OMNISCAPE™. The platform features city-scale digital twins, virtual goods monetization, seamless blend of Augmented and Virtual Reality. It connects businesses, brands, consumers, and content creators together.

About Aerometrex
Aerometrex is a geospatial tech company providing 3D spatial data and derived products since 1980. With global repute for high-accuracy and cutting-edge 3D, their customers range from large government departments to small & medium businesses. The company’s 3D solutions support a range of applications – digital twins, town planning, engineering & construction, advanced visualization, metaverses, among others.


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