February 6-8, 2022 | Denver, CO, USA

Laser Scanning and 3D Building Information Modeling for Construction and Facilities Management Projects


Laser Scanning and 3D Building Information Modeling for Construction and Facilities Management Projects

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This discussion will highlight how LiDAR data and imagery were used to create an accurate building information model that is currently being used for airport design, construction, and integration into their facilities management program. Visualization capabilities and survey-grade accuracies are some of the highlights of the developed building model and the presenters will explore how their solutions and workflows utilize these efficiencies to create real differences.


Matthew LaLuzerne, PSM
Vice President/Strategic Growth Director, GPI Geospatial, Inc.

Matthew LaLuzerne, PSM is the Vice President and the Strategic Growth Director for GPI Geospatial, Inc. He has over 15 years of experience and in-depth knowledge of managing and performing various types of survey and geospatial projects, ranging from geodetic control surveys to multiplatform remote sensing services. Matt works closely with the GPI team to capture high-resolution point cloud data of architectural, structural, and MEP elements of a building, including airport design and construction projects. The point cloud data can be used to generate a Building Information Model (BIM) that can be deployed in the planning, design, construction, and future operation phases of a project. A graduate of the University of Florida and Rollins Crummer Graduate School of Business, Matt also serves as the Florida Region Vice President of American Society of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ASPRS).

Thad Wester
President, Clarity Scanning

Thad Wester is President of Clarity Scanning. Formerly, global head of reality capture at WeWork. Thad has built large, high volume reality capture teams that have scanned over 100m SQFT of commercial real estate. Clarity Scanning is focused on providing reality capture services that are reliable and scale to become part of a company’s design and construction process.


Nate Roberts
Project Engineer, DPR Construction

Nate Roberts is a project engineer focused on building great things at DPR Construction. Currently, Nate is building a new high-rise project in the heart of Charlotte, NC and has completed numerous high-profile projects for commercial and energy clients in the Carolinas. Nate graduated from Penn State University with both a Master and bachelor’s focused on Architectural Engineering. In his role at DPR Construction, he works closely with the project management and field supervision team to manage the details of complex, technical projects. A lifelong learner, Nate is always looking for the next technology or tool to build better, faster, safer.

Corey Johnson
Senior Product Manager, Project Delivery, Bentley Systems

In his current role, Corey Johnson is responsible for delivering maximum value from Bentley’s Construction focused portfolio. Previously, as a Director of Product Management from InEight, a wholly owned subsidiary of Kiewit, he brought a model-based construction project management solution to market called Model Suite. Leveraging his experience as a manager of Virtual Design and Construction for Kiewit Corporation, providing construction services in markets including transportation, water/wastewater, heavy civil, power, oil, gas and chemical, building and mining. Prior to that he spent 5 years with Bentley Systems as a Solutions Engineer serving the Transportation and Local Infrastructure Market with a focus on DOT’s and Large Engineering firms. Corey has spent the past 20 years working in the design engineering, software and construction industries.



Carla Lauter, Editorial Analyst

Carla Lauter is the editor of Geo Week News. Before joining Diversified Communications, Carla spent 10 years on NASA and National Science Foundation funded projects focusing on Earth science communication. She has worked on web-based outreach and online interactives for NASA Earth Science, including products for satellite missions measuring sea level, salinity and hyperspectral ocean color.


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