February 11-13, 2024  |  Colorado Convention Center   |  Denver, CO, USA

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Tim Conroy

Timothy joined DPR Construction as a VDC Engineer in 2011 after graduating from Penn State College of Engineering with a Bachelor and Master of Architectural Engineering. After four years in the VDC group—during which Timothy was co-inventor of a DPR patent on the use of AR—he joined the national Innovation Group where he would focus on middleware development, AR/VR, IoT, UAVs and other cutting-edge technologies. While in the Innovation Group, he started the UAS Core Group and UAS User Group. After three years with the Innovation Group, Tim joined the operations team for a large data center project where he would lead the Reality Capture group and subsequently the larger VDC group on that project. In late 2019, based on the success stories at this large data center project and other similar projects from around the country, DPR formed a new group called the Field Technology Group—since its formation, Timothy he has been leading this group for the Northeast region. This group focuses on the connection between the model and the field by implementing technology to improve construction accuracy and communication which includes laser scanning, UAVs and surveying. At his core, he believes that we should “Think big, start small, and learn fast.”

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Feb 13 2023

2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

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