February 6-8, 2022   |   Denver, CO, USA

Jay Zallan

Jay B Zallan | Virtual Design & Construction Technology Conductor (& Fine Artist) Mr. Zallan brings wide-ranging Design, Delivery, Management, Mentoring and Teaching experiences to the readily changing AECO industries, founded on an expansive 35 plus year career Jay has focused on VDC planning, production, process development and research & development; to help enable efficiency-generative creative project execution, delivery and success throughout the AECO landscape This JayZ is an educator, author and industry lecturer throughout the BIM world; Jz strives to inspire current and future generations to achieve and exceed beyond even their own expectations Being a Fine Artist (large format oil & mixed media canvases), J adds unique and collaborative insights and perspectives to every team he is part of


Feb 07 2022

9:00 AM - 10:45 AM

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