February 11-13, 2024  |  Colorado Convention Center   |  Denver, CO, USA

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Carl Goodiel

Carl has over 23 years of experience in the AEC industry and is a design and production software “fixer” and a proud BIM and Revit geek. Carl began his career in architecture with Fentress Architects as a job captain and Associate then transitioned to Design Technologies Manager to specialize in software training and design and production process and standards development. Carl continued to specialize in AEC technologies and procedures development with FRCH Design Worldwide as the Director of Design Technologies. Carl was responsible for transitioning and training both companies’ design and production staff to a Building Information Modeling (BIM) based workflow. Carl moved to the construction side of the AEC industry with Hensel Phelps in 2013 as a corporate VDC Manager where he is responsible for expanding and improving design and trade collaboration, project deliverables, field communication, and testing, approving, developing, and implementing new Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) processes, standards, and software utilized by most of the departments within Hensel Phelps.

Carl’s current passion is the efficient and effective collection and use of building data throughout the design, construction, and operations phases of construction projects. His experience in both the design and construction delivery methods and his current partnership with the Hensel Phelps Services group give him a comprehensive perspective into the potential use of project information.

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