February 11-13, 2024  |  Colorado Convention Center   |  Denver, CO, USA

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Using 3D Tiles, glTF, I3S, and Point Clouds in The AEC Industry

Feb 14 2023

10:01 AM - 10:30 AM MT

Exhibit Hall Theater

This talk discusses the emergence of open formats such as 3D Tiles, glTF and I3S, in the AEC industry and how products from companies like Autodesk, Esri and Cesium are working in an interoperable manner to make 3d content accessible from any browser, game engine or device. We will also explore advancements and evolution of Khronos’ glTF format, a 3d asset format designed for efficient transmission and loading of 3D scenes and models by engines and applications.

Point Clouds, also supported by the above 3D streaming standards, are also heavily used throughout the AEC industry. We’ll explore examples and use cases using point clouds to compare lidar scans, drone & photo imagery against a CAD model, what's known in the AEC industry as "BIM vs SCAN".


For example: 

– track 4D schedule within the construction industry

– measure activity & progress, also within the construction industry 

– verification management in post-construction and Operations & Maintenance

– historical preservation

– in Sales and Marketing for real-estate


We’ll also explore interoperability challenges customers face today and possible solutions. For example, AEC users routinely use Autodesk Recap Desktop and RCP files in BIM vs Scan processes. By converting RCP to 3D Tiles point clouds, AEC customers will be able to collaborate with systems in different disciplines.

We’ll conclude by exploring interoperability solutions such as Autodesk BIM Collaborate Pro or ArcGIS GeoBIM from Esri – enabling visualization of project information in a web-based experience, fusing information models from multiple systems in a geospatial context. A cloud-to-cloud connection between BIM and GIS systems strengthens interoperability, opening up the door for many viewers and disciplines to visualize and access AEC data, including the likes of three.js, babylon.js, CesiumJs, ArcGIS Javascript API or game-engines on various platforms including browsers and mobile experiences.


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