February 13-15, 2023  |  Colorado Convention Center   |  Denver, CO, USA

Agenda Session

AXIS GeoSpatial LLC

SLAM Lidar for the AEC Toolbox

Feb 07 2022

11:30 AM - 12:30 PM MT

Room 102

Simultaneous Location and Mapping (SLAM) lidar has come a long way since its early prototypes. As sensors get smaller and more portable, new use cases have emerged for this go-anywhere technology. In AEC, scanners can be walked, driven or flown through job sites, or even hitch a ride on the back of an autonomous robot. With continuous scanning abilities, SLAM scanners can be useful for rapid and, often, repeated reality capture tasks. This panel will discuss the latest in SLAM sensors as well as share some unique applications for SLAM in AEC.

The Evolution of Mobile Mapping
Marek Koltun, NavVis

Times have changed! In this talk, Marek Koltun will dive into all things mobile mapping, including how mobile mapping devices can now be used alongside static scanners to boost efficiency and provide highest quality data.

Heather Sauerland, ToPA 3D
Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) technology has undergone multiple advances over the past several years. SLAM-based scanners continually advertise the speed at which data can be captured and processed, often at the cost of accuracy. Have scanning techniques or specific technologies finally surpassed this hurdle? In this presentation we will address this question: Can you trust SLAM for your project?

Session moderated by Kevin Dowling, CEO, Kaarta.

Session format includes brief presentations followed by a moderated panel discussion and audience Q&A.


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