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Revision of the ASPRS Positional Accuracy Standards

Feb 15 2023

11:00 AM - 12:30 PM MT

Room 503-504

ASPRS published the world’s-first accuracy standards solely designed for digital geospatial data in 2014. The standard became the go-to reference within the global geospatial community. ASPRS kept open channels with the users of the standard to receive their feedback on the standard and its applicability to today’s mapping process. ASPRS formed the revision Working Group under the auspices of the Standards Committee to issue a 2nd Edition of the standard based on users’ experience, the ever-evolving sensor technologies, and current field practices. The Working Group is considering important changes to the standards that not only affect the ASPRS standard users but also the users of the USGS Lidar Base Specifications (LBS. Among those important forthcoming changes are the following:

1.     Changing the accuracy requirement for ground control and check points to enable the use of the current RTK surveying practices.

2.     Include the accuracy of the surveyed check points in the computed product accuracy.

3.     Remove the fail/pass requirement for the Vegetated Vertical Accuracy (VVA).

4.     Removing the use of 95% accuracy term.

5.     Revising the minimum number of check points required for product accuracy assessment.

6.     Introducing a new accuracy term “the three-dimensional positional accuracy” beside the horizontal and vertical accuracy terms.

7.     Adding addendums for best practices and guidelines for:

1.     General Best Practices

2.     Field Surveying Techniques

3.     Photogrammetric Mapping

4.     Lidar Mapping

5.     UAS-Based Mapping

8.     Other lesser important changes.

In this open forum, the Working Groups will discuss their progress to date and will solicit feedback from the audience before presenting their final drafts to the Standards Committee later in 2023..


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