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Remote Sensing Data Quality and Interoperability Requirements

Feb 14 2023

11:00 AM - 12:30 PM MT

Room 503-504

The ASPRS Primary Data Acquisition Division (PDAD) has been working with the community to better understand user needs via a new ASPRS 10-year Forecast, has developed and revised Oblique Imagery and Sensor Calibration Guidelines, and are updating and providing Data/Imagery Quality Guidelines, as well as, supporting UAS and Lidar Quality guidelines, ASPRS Accuracy standards, and community remote sensing interoperability. This session is designed to provide information on these important efforts and allow community interaction on the PDAD work and get community feedback and questions on what they would like to see from Working groups sponsored by the ASPRS Primary Data Acquisition Division (PDAD) are engaged in updating the Remote Sensing Industry 10-Year Forecast, as well as developing guidelines for Oblique Imagery and Sensor Calibration, UAS and Lidar Data Quality, and Remote Sensing Data Interoperability. This open forum is designed to provide the community with information on these important efforts and to gather feedback and identify additional tasks for the PDAD working groups in 2023. 


KBR, Contractor to US Geological Survey

Ayres Geospatial

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