February 13-15, 2023  |  Colorado Convention Center   |  Denver, CO, USA

Agenda Session

AXIS GeoSpatial LLC

Mapping for Transportation (Road, Rail)

Feb 07 2022

2:00 PM - 3:30 PM MT

Room 107

The utility of mobile mapping for the transportation industry is evident. For road and rail projects, mobile mapping can be used to capture long segments quickly and accurately, and can be repeated throughout a project lifetime. In this session, presenters will share case studies on how mobile mapping was applied to crucial infrastructure and transportation projects, including rails and highways. Learn how stakeholders utilized this mapping data, and the latest advances in how mobile mapping is performed..

Managing Vehicle Platform Barriers in Transportation Corridor Acquisition
Mark Topping, Atlantic

Over the last several years, the geospatial industry has observed an expansion in the LiDAR acquisition platforms available to aid in the mapping of the US Interstate transportation network. As Atlantic explored solutions for their transportation clients, they found that lidar and imagery products designed for UAS or rotary platforms rendered excellent data but at higher costs or smaller scales. Conversely, traditional fixed-wing platforms resulted in large-scale feasibility but in some cases could not meet the increasing data quality needs of transportation design. This discussion will outline Atlantic’s experience as the first adopter of Teledyne's G2 Sensor System as they take you through an Interstate corridor in Alabama designed to test breakthrough lidar technology, compare with existing mobile data and explore the limits of conventional feature extraction automation.

From Project Wide Acquisition to Large Scale Acquisitions
Mathieu Regul, SNCF Reseau
Mobile mapping acquisitions are often made in order to complete a dedicated project that can be more or less large. The approach of SNCF Reseau is to make large scale mobile mapping acquisition in order to cover all our network and to change our economical model. The idea is to collect data, process point clouds and share them to the company on all the network (approx 35 000 km of tracks) at a regular step. Going from project scale to large scale requires to change our way of thinking in therms collecting as well as processing and storing the data. This presentation will present difficulties we confronted and how we tried to reply to them.

Session moderated by Sanjay Shenoy, Surveyor/ Engineer, Nowak & Fraus
Session format includes presentations followed by an audience Q&A.




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