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Increasing Mobile Mapping Productivity and Efficiency

Feb 14 2023

11:00 AM - 12:30 PM MT

Room 708

The development of direct reading georeferencing technologies opened the way for mobile mapping systems. GPS and Inertial Navigation Systems, have allowed rapid and accurate determination of position and attitude of remote sensing equipment, effectively leading to direct mapping of features of interest without the need for complex post-processing of observed data. Mobile mapping systems allow for the rapid collection of data, allowing for accurate assessment of conditions on the ground, and can provide a basis for digital twins, road asset inventory and mapping, and inspections over large horizontal areas. In this session, users of mobile mapping will share their lessons learned and applications of the latest mobile mapping tools and techniques to provide effective deliverables and actionable data to stakeholders.

Session moderated by Matt Craig, Agellus Tank Robotics.

Leica TRK 700 User Update – A Quantum Leap in Mobile Lidar Productivity

BBGeomatics, LLC represents the first US-based geospatial service provider to acquire the Leica TRK 700. This session will present the BBG user story and focus on the benefits of the TRK mobile Lidar system and the advances that are being realized by their organization. The geospatial team at BBG represents one of the industries most experienced mobile Lidar teams in that the leadership there has been involved with the technology since its commercial inception in 2008. The session will provide the audience with high level insights on the increases in productivity from field data collection through office processing while looking at potential future applications for the TRK.

Paul DiGiacobbe, BBGeomatics, LLC

How Next-Generation Mobile Mapping Expedites Transportation Engineering Projects

The future of transportation engineering is smart, sustainable and driven by data. It only makes sense that every project would begin with the best survey data collected in the most efficient way possible. The next generation of mobile mapping technology, the Leica Pegasus TRK, has removed all the barriers to quickly and cost-effectively delivering accurate, comprehensive survey data across a range of projects that couldn’t even be considered previously. Examples include an airport project with limited satellite coverage, a roadway corridor requiring the capture of overhead power lines, and intelligent reports that streamline New Jersey Department of Transportation concept development. Each new project uncovers additional opportunities for combining the built-in intelligence and autonomy of the technology with unmatched engineering expertise to deliver greater efficiency and value. This presentation will examine project details and explore new ideas for what’s possible.

Sachdeep S. Arora, PE, ARORA and ASSOCIATES, P.C.

Philip R. Dember, PLS, ARORA and ASSOCIATES, P.C.


BBGeomatics, LLC



Agellus Tank Robotics

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