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Agenda Session

AXIS GeoSpatial LLC

Hybrid Approach: Multi-Sensor Integration

Feb 07 2022

11:30 AM - 12:30 PM MT

Room 107

Advances in wide area mapping include the use of multi-sensor integration – combining sensors to gather multiple types of data (photogrammetry, lidar and other inputs) in a single pass. Several hybrid approaches to mapping have been developed, and the "hybrid sensor revolution" is poised to continue to expand.

Simultaneous Imagery, Video and LiDAR for RCI Collection
Matthew LaLuzerne, GPI Geospatial, Inc.

This presentation will demonstrate the use of mobile LiDAR with simultaneous video and imagery capture for large-scale asset management and roadway characteristic inventory (RCI) projects. We will take a look at in-depth analysis and applications for using multiple data capture sensors on a single platform. The presentation will include demonstrations on tying imagery and video collection to trajectories and using software applications for easy data extraction and asset database management.

Hybrid Data Acquisition on a Country-wide Project
Bart Beers, CycloMedia Technology B.V.

With a significant history in large-scale data acquisition, Cyclomedia has taken on a country-wide project in The Netherlands employing hybrid sensing technology. With several systems being flown in parallel, the challenges and opportunities of hybrid airborne data acquisition and ground processing can be easily seen. In this presentation, we will provide an overview of the recent country-wide project using hybrid LiDAR and oblique image acquisition with Leica CityMapper. This unusual project spreads beyond a typical small area, resulting in large amounts of data from which much useful information can be extracted. Insights can be given on both the quality of LiDAR and image data as well as suggestions on best practices for the management of both airborne and ground operations (planning and processing) of large projects using hybrid sensor technology.

A Call to Innovate: An Assessment of Multi-Sensor Data Collection Projects
Ryan Rittenhouse, Florida Department of Transportation

Multi-sensor data collection strategies offer the promise of better data on tighter budgets with reduced turn around time, but can they deliver? This presentation will share insights gleaned from numerous multi-sensor data collection projects delivered to the Florida Department of Transportation. Attendees can expect a candid commentary on the entire project lifecycle from planning to delivery. This will provide a toolkit to aid others in extracting the most value from their next project. Additionally, it will identify gaps in current practices and technology that may be preventing everyone from fully realizing the promise of the multi-sensor data collection approach.

Session moderated by Qassim Abdullah, Vice President, Woolpert.

Session format includes presentations followed by an audience Q&A.



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