February 13-15, 2023  |  Colorado Convention Center   |  Denver, CO, USA

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From BIM to Digital Twins – Curating and Managing Data

Feb 15 2023

2:00 PM - 3:30 PM MT

Room 706

It is easy to see the benefits of collecting accurate and up-to-date data for infrastructure, construction or other large-scale projects. With better data comes improved abilities to make decisions, which can reduce waste, better allocate staff and resources, and eliminate re-work or other costly mistakes. The actual collection of data – and its management – however, is not as simple as pushing a button. This conference track discusses the best practices for collecting, integrating and fusing data from various sources, and how best to put to use the data once collected.

Data Driven Digital Practice

Harvesting data from Revit models is only the start of developing a proactive data-driven documentation process. I'll show how connecting multiple layers of curated data from across your firm can significantly increase efficiency and notify team members of potential complications. This presentation will walk you through the technical and managerial steps to create a proactive quality control process focused on performance-driven data collection. Multiple software programs will be discussed to connect, harvest, and display the information needed to help teams be more aware and efficient during project development. 

Processes include: 

– Identifying and gathering pertinent firm metrics to create an action plan. 

– Curating BIM data to reduce data noise and support best practices. 

– Connecting Business, Project, and BIM data. 

– Developing Dashboards for various levels of management. 

– Expanding data-driven culture. 

We'll discuss how project development incorporates multiple data points that, when shared with the appropriate people at the right time, can inform departmental decisions and result in resource savings firm-wide. To close the session, we'll review scalability and potential technological and managerial challenges.

Brian Strydom, FXCollaborative Architects LLP


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