February 6-8, 2022   |   Denver, CO, USA

Agenda Session

AXIS GeoSpatial LLC

AR/VR/XR Applications

Feb 07 2022

9:00 AM - 10:45 AM MT

Virtual, Augmented and Mixed reality (VR/AR/XR) applications are proliferating as both the hardware to view these 3D visualizations improve, and as the software to utilize these augment views continue to develop. How can these tools be used by the enterprise, and what advantages does bringing these realities into the field convey? In this panel, examples of VR/AR/XR will be shared relating to training, design, education, historical preservation and more.

Adam Horn, HNTB Corporation
The development of Digital Twins and the convergence of multiple realities provides bridge maintainers the ability to upskill and train staff, provide remote assistance to the field as well as accurately locate sub-surface utilities enables maintenance staffs to do their jobs more efficiently and with more confidence and transparency. In this session we will discuss and demonstrate some of the latest AR applications and technologies and show how they are best integrated into current enterprise GIS workflows to support field activities. This session will also discuss the future of digital innovation in civil infrastructure and demonstrate how Digital Twins can be integrated with maintenance data to support daily bridge maintenance activities on a large international bridge crossing through augmented reality applications. This new ability to “see the unseen” using augmented reality is providing transformational change to State DOT’s giving them additional context to their existing GIS and 3D modeled data sets such as subsurface utilities. Don’t miss how this added confidence and awareness of things previously unseen is providing a new reality for the civil infrastructure industry.

Session format includes brief presentations followed by a moderated panel discussion and audience Q&A.


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