February 13-15, 2023  |  Colorado Convention Center   |  Denver, CO, USA

Agenda Session

AXIS GeoSpatial LLC

Advances in Processing of Point Clouds

Feb 07 2022

11:30 AM - 12:30 PM MT

Room 111

How can point clouds be processed in a way to provide accurate and more usable data? In this joint presentation, case studies that illustrate how point cloud data can be processed and utilized will be shared, as well as a discussion of the latest advances in point cloud processing and use.

Greg Itzstein, Pointerra
How Many Apps Are in Your Processing Workflow?

Processing point clouds even in the age of "big data" largely remains a desktop based workflow incorporating many disconnected software apps to transition data from raw sensor collected points to customer deliverables. Solutions that are leveraging cloud incorporating infinite storage capacity and scalable compute coupled with interconnected software workflows that are easily accessible by both vendor and customer are a necessity for consumers to more easily and rapidly make informed decisions from their data.

Session moderated by Zachary Radel, Business Development – Sr. Project Manager – CMS – UAV, Cooper Aerial Surveys Co.

Session format includes presentations followed by an audience Q&A.



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