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New dates & location announced for Geo Week 2020!

The Geo Week team has secured new dates and a new location for the 2020 edition of Geo Week following the unavoidable postponement of its Washington DC March event which was triggered by the restrictions on gatherings due to the health and safety issues stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic.

NEW Dates: July 27-29, 2020                                    NEW Location: McCormick Place, Chicago, IL

International Lidar Mapping Forum (ILMF) and ASPRS Annual Conference will proceed under the Geo Week umbrella, though some sessions and speakers will inevitably change due to the date and location shift. 

Because the MAPPS Federal Programs Conference necessitates proximity to Washington DC, the Federal Programs Conference will not take place as part of Geo Week in July.  However, MAPPS will be represented at Geo Week. We will provide you with more details on the 2020 edition of GeoWeek soon.

While everyone in the geospatial community had been looking forward to gathering in Washington DC, the move to Chicago in July provides a bonus….

Geo Week 2020 will be co-located with SPAR3D Expo & Conference and AEC Next Technology Expo & Conference, USIBD (U.S. Institute of Building Documentation) Symposium and WIPFLI Building Tomorrow Together Summit.

ILMF, SPAR 3D Expo & Conference, and AEC Next Technology Expo & Conference—all organized by global event producer Diversified Communications— have always had crossover exhibitors and attendees. We have had many requests to have the events take place together and we’re pleased to be able to deliver on this  in 2020.

Rescheduling these events provides a unique opportunity for Diversified to bring together the linear mapping community with the vertical construction community, both of which are power users of photogrammetry, lidar and other remote sensing technologies used to capture our world digitally.

Co-locating will add value for everyone— exhibitors who will have access to additional categories of users, and attendees who will be able to access additional technology on the combined exhibit floor. We look forward to connecting professionals in these communities.

Learn about the co-located events below.

Already registered to attend Geo Week?

Due to the postponement, we are offering pre-registered attendees the following options:

  • Transfer your registration to the rescheduled July 27-29, 2020 dates.
  • Transfer your registration to the 2021 event taking place February 8-10, 2021 in Denver, Co.

Our relationship with you is of paramount importance, and we trust that these options will put your mind at ease.

Please let us know what you’d like to do by contacting us at info@geo-week.com.

We ask that you do not book a hotel room until you have heard from Diversified Communications and onPeak with the new reservation site with the Official Event Hotels.

If you have any concerns about these options, and would like to discuss it further, please reach out to info@geo-week.com.

Not registered but wish to attend?
Great! Registration for the new dates will be live in April.

Interested in exhibiting?
Please contact Leslie Rosa or fill out the form on this page.

Contact info@geo-week.com

North America’s leading vendor-neutral AEC event focused on disruptive trends, best practices, and emerging technologies to collaboratively design, construct, and manage built world projects more efficiently.

  • Applications of AI/Machine Learning • BIM Workflows | Interoperability | Software Solutions • Building Documentation • Collaborative Software • Construction Management Solutions • Data Management/Cloud Services • Design Solutions/Generative Design • Digital Twins and Smart Cities • Facilities Management • High Performance Building Products • Intelligent Building Systems | Internet of Things • Robotic Inspections/Monitoring • Specs, Codes, Standards

Attendees include top AEC decision makers focused on improving design, construction, operations and maintenance of built world projects by using the latest collaborative technologies. See the full list of participating organizations here. 

Co-located with USIBD Symposium and WIPFLI’s Building Tomorrow Together Summit.

Event Website

The only vendor-neutral 3D technology event focused on 3D sensing, 3D processing, and 3D visualization tools for:

• 3D Printing • Autonomous Vehicle Navigation and Sensing • High Definition Scanning • Historic Preservation • Indoor Mapping/Portable 3D Capture • Sensor Innovations • Subsurface Utility Engineering • Survey & Mapping • VR/AR/MR/XR/ | Gaming Engines | Hardware

Attendees include professionals from a range of industries including AEC and civil infrastructure to utilities and asset management who are using 3D technologies that are revolutionizing these industries. See the full list of participating organizations here.

Co-located with USIBD Symposium and WIPFLI’s Building Tomorrow Together Summit.

Event Website

A technical conference and exhibition focused on lidar and emerging remote-sensing and data collection tools and technologies including Geiger-mode and single photon counting for:

  • Asset Management • Autonomous Technologies • Civil Infrastructure • Coastal Zone Mapping • Emergency Services & Disaster Response • Land & Natural Resource Management • Urban Modeling

Attendees include geospatial leaders from utilities, government agencies, and the private sector using lidar, photogrammetry, and emerging remote-sensing and data collection tools. See the full list of participating organizations here.

Co-located with ASPRS Annual Conference

Event Website

The U.S. Institute of Building Documentation to brings their 6th Annual Symposium to Chicago as a co-located conference. Sessions will be directed at service providers for professional development and stakeholders who are seeking to understand what the benefits of Building Documentation data can provide them and how to use Building Documentation to its fullest to improve their work life.

Event Website

Wipfli will bring their 1st Annual Building Tomorrow Together: Wipfli’s summit for construction and real estate leaders, to Chicago as a co-located conference. Sessions will be directed at leaders, chief executive officers, chief financial officers, owners, presidents and developers of construction and real estate projects throughout the nation.

Event Website

Geo Week is a multi-event collaboration encompassing International Lidar Mapping Forum (ILMF) and the ASPRS Annual Conference. Each event features its own unique conference programming and combines in a single exhibit hall and inclusive networking activities.

Event Website

Founded in 1934, the American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ASPRS) is a scientific association serving over 7,000 professional members around the world. Its mission is to advance knowledge and improve understanding of mapping sciences to promote the responsible applications of photogrammetry, remote sensing, geographic information systems (GIS) and supporting technologies.

Event Website


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