Geo Week Round-Up: AEC Geospatial Trends | Australian Wildfires

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What’s Trending in AEC+Geospatial in 2020

The digital disruption of the AEC industry is underway, with technology transforming how construction projects are planned, designed, engineered, operated and maintained. BIM, AI, Digital Twins, modular construction, Robotics, GPS and other technologies are bringing forth a data-driven revolution.

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Hexagon stuns CES with new HxDR digital reality visualization platform

There are dozens of companies and software solutions that have popped up to offer better ways to view 3D models, scans, 360 tours, mapped indoor and outdoor spaces, or drone-collected data. Today, however, Hexagon AB has made an announcement that has the potential to upend many of these solutions by creating one platform that can seamlessly take in and visualize any type of reality capture data: HxDR.

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Spatial Industry Joins Bushfire Recovery Effort

Guardian Australia reports that at least 25 people have been killed, including three volunteer firefighters, and thousands of homes destroyed by the brush fire raging through the country. In addition to the ongoing fire-fighting effort, discussion is now beginning on recovery and rebuilding, an activity in which the spatial industry will play a very important role.

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This NASA satellite image shows the extent of Australia’s devastating wildfires

Some of the worst wildfires in decades have been burning across Australia in recent months, exacerbated by hot, dry, windy conditions and rising global temperatures. Almost 15 million acres of land have burned so far, compared with two million acres in California in 2018. But to get a visual sense of the sheer scale of the fires, it’s worth looking at them from space.

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