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GeoCue Debuts New UAS Lidar Systems Equipped with Latest RIEGL and Applanix Tech

GeoCue has announced a second generation LIDAR/Camera fusion platform, the True View 615 and 620. Designed to create 3D colorized point clouds, the new sensors are equipped with the new RIEGL miniVUX-2UAV laser scanner, and Applanix Position and Orientation System. Positioned as a follow-up to the True View 410 released last year, the 615/620 is designed to provide high accuracy 3D color mapping, designed for better vegetation penetration and wire detection. The total weight is 3-3.5 kg depending on the package, making it suitable for survey-grade UAV applications.

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A Revolutionary Unmanned Aerial Technique to Increase Sugar Cane Crops in Brazil

One of the business areas that have benefited more from the proliferation of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) is definitely precision agriculture. With the advent of GPS in the early 90’s, the addition of foreign constellations to form GNSS in the 2000’s, and the extraordinary world-wide coverage and precision of positioning satellites, every country in the world can take advantage of larger crops per acre. In Brazil, in particular, where sugar cane is used to produce sugar and also ethanol as fuel for cars, the size of these agricultural concerns is huge, and the maximization of resources such as water and pesticides, is not a nice to have but a must in order to remain competitive. One company in particular, Vantage Centro SUL–Geo Agri, has developed multi-disciplinary tools to map with great accuracy the arable land of its customers and then turn this digital terrain models (DTMs) and other cartographic products such as elevation maps, contour lines and drainage products, into information that can be fed into automatic farm machinery.

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Large Update of HxGN’s Content Program in 2020

Hexagon Geosystems is updating three million square kilometres’ worth of high-accuracy orthophotos, digital surface models (DSM) and stereo imagery of the USA and Europe in its Content Program library. Hexagon will upload 2.5 million square kilometres’ worth of US aerial data to its Content Program, the largest library of high-accuracy airborne data. In Europe, 500,000 square kilometres’ worth of data will be collected and added to the library.

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