Geo Week Round-up: Open Source Geospatial | SimActive Cloud | Geospatial for Self-Driving | Pavement Width Maps

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Open Source Geospatial Mapping Software to Help Solve Real-world Problems

1904labs, a digital transformation consulting firm, and Bayer Crop Science, a division of German life sciences company Bayer AG, have jointly released a new geospatial mapping framework to the open source community. The framework, ol-kit, is a free, easy-to-use, map component toolkit built with React and OpenLayers and is compatible with many popular open source tools in the geospatial community.

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SimActive Introduces Cloud Sharing and Reflectance Calibration with New Version 8.5

The new version allows users to share and visualize projects in the cloud. It also features new tools for the calibration and processing of multispectral imagery. Specifically, results can be exported to the cloud directly from the software interface, and shareable links are automatically created for online visualization. Moreover, calibrated reflectance panels and sun sensors can be used to produce reflectance maps, with multispectral bands perfectly registered.

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Geospatial requirements for the self-driving future

Geospatial data is critical for CAM technologies as it provides the foundations for sharing data. CAM is based on the movement of people, goods and vehicles. The need to share data depends upon understanding what it means and having a common reference point or set of standards.

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Esri UK Releases Pavement Width Maps for Councils

The pavement map is designed to help local authorities and related organisations prioritise their efforts, to ensure the safety of the public, as lockdown restrictions are being gradually eased.

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