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Drone Mapping Firm Leverages Artificial Intelligence to Provide Commercial Crop Counting and Weed Detection Services

Eagle Eye Imaging LLC opened its doors in Woodbine, Maryland with the goal of using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, or drones, to provide local growers with faster and more affordable answers to many of their most common field condition questions. The overall goal is to help growers quantify their unknowns, reduce production risk and maximizing harvest yield. Since 2016, the firm has delivered reports derived from drone imagery to farmers in Maryland, Pennsylvania and Delaware.

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Integrating UAV-based Lidar and Photogrammetry

Recent unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV or ‘drone’) platforms jointly collect imagery and Lidar data. Their combined evaluation potentially generates 3D point clouds at accuracies and resolutions of some millimeters, so far limited to terrestrial data capture. This article outlines a project that integrates photogrammetric bundle block adjustment with direct georeferencing of Lidar point clouds to improve the respective accuracy by an order of magnitude. Further benefits of combined processing result from adding Lidar range measurement to multi-view-stereo (MVS) image matching during the generation of high-precision dense 3D point clouds.

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MGISS equips infrastructure workers during COVID-19 lockdown

Mobile GIS Services (MGISS) is supporting asset owners and contractors who maintain critical infrastructure during the Coronavirus lockdown with mobile solutions that help improve field operations with intelligence on hidden assets. Engineers responding to defects on the highway or problems in the supply of water, electricity and gas are continuing to improve their ability to locate and resolve defects and interruptions to supply quickly and efficiently using tools such as the Topografi web app. Allowing for the simple, real-time capture and display of high-accuracy, 3D data compliant with local grids and models, Topografi is an end to end platform for capturing buried asset data and making it accessible and usable in the field.

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Laser Mapping Snow on Arctic Sea Ice

For the past two decades, satellites and scientists have revealed an ongoing, decades-long decline in Arctic sea ice, with implications for global ecosystems, weather, and climate. Satellites are now tracking what’s happening to the reflective, insulating layer of snow atop the ice.

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