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Geo Week Round-up: Trimble Access | Open Source GIS | 2G Robotics | Drought

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Trimble Access 2020 is Now Available on a Rugged Android Mobile Device

Earlier in 2020, Trimble announced the release of their TDC600, a rugged mobile device designed for the field and powered by Android OS. Touted as a solution that could reduce the number of devices surveyors need in the field, the TDC600 includes its own built-in GNSS packaged in a small form factor. To add on to the robust system, Trimble has updated the latest version of Trimble Access to support the device. The Trimble Access 2020 field software will allow surveyors to gain the ability to use familiar workflows and instruments while remaining in the Android OS platform.

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New Open Source GIS Projects for Kubernetes Applications

The increase of spatial data is simultaneously bringing an increase of open spatial datasets that people can consume and use to build all sorts of new applications. However, these types of datasets have not always been easy to work with. Also, due to the size of some of the geographic data, they can be difficult to bring to modern application deployment frameworks such as Kubernetes. To help with these issues, Crunchy Data recently announced two new open source projects, pg_tileserv and pg_featureserv, to make it easier to develop cloud-native spatial applications. These projects, part of open source Crunchy Spatial, help developers leverage the robust PostGIS geospatial database extension to PostgreSQL without having to write complex SQL statements.

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2G Robotics Launches RECON Payloads for Modular AUVs

2G Robotics has officially launched a line of payloads for use on light, modular Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs). 2G’s RECON line of products include the RECON CS, a 4K stills camera and LED lightbar payload, and the RECON LS, a payload featuring the ULS-500 Micro laser scanner and Micro OBSERVER stills camera. Over the last year 2G has miniaturized their laser scanner and stills camera solutions to integrate with small, modular AUVs. The payloads enable OEMs to offer 2G’s RECON line as a standard payload on their vehicles, giving users flexibility and performance previously not available from their fleet.

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Parched Conditions in Germany Again

Germany may be heading toward its third summer of drought in a row due to high temperatures and sparse precipitation. Forests have been threatened by drought and disease in recent months. In April 2020, the Rhine River was reportedly running low and hampering cargo ship traffic through the country. If no significant rain falls in May, some forecasters believe the country’s agricultural industry could be headed for trouble.

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