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Geo Week Round-up: Accuracy w/o Base Stations | MapDash for COVID | New EU geospatial directive

Welcome to the Geo Week News weekly update! The articles below have been hand picked from recent geospatial news. A new update is posted each Monday.

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MakeItAccurate Achieves Centimeter-Level Accuracy without Base Stations, RTK Links or CORS Data

Klau Geomatics, an Australian geospatial innovation company, launched a new GNSS and IMU processing service, MakeItAccurate, to enable enterprise drone operations to achieve very high accuracy without using base stations, RTK links, CORS data or any other external inputs. While most drones commonly use Post-Processed Kinematic (PPK) or Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) to enhance the precision of position data, Klau Geomatics’ solution uses KlauPPK, which combines Precise Point Positioning (PPP) with PPK. PPP uses precise satellite clock and orbit corrections, determined from ground tracking stations around the globe and does not require any base station data or radio links to achieve high accuracy.

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How MapDash COVID-19 is providing situational awareness in the US

Datastory has come up with MapDash COVID-19 Basic that can help governments and businesses to access data by visualizing it on maps which in turn can help them to take quick decisions. This data can help to find hidden patterns and can assist the success of any organization. Using maps, MapDash cure analytic blindspots to help businesses and communities discover unique datastory.

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How the New EU Directive Will Change the Geospatial Data Market

The European Union (EU) is adding a new dimension to the digital data-distribution policies of mapping agencies, cadastres and land registries. In two years’ time, a new EU directive will make it compulsory to provide open and free access to the most crucial, publicly funded geospatial and Earth observation data for use and re-use. EuroGeographics and EuroSDR, the two most renowned pan-European organizations in these matters, have reacted positively, assuming there will be sufficient national funding. After all, both society and the geomatics sector stand to benefit from increased use of ‘authoritative’ geospatial data.

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NASA Satellite Data Show 30 Percent Drop In Air Pollution Over Northeast U.S.

Over the past several weeks, NASA satellite measurements have revealed significant reductions in air pollution over the major metropolitan areas of the Northeast United States. Similar reductions have been observed in other regions of the world. These recent improvements in air quality have come at a high cost, as communities grapple with widespread lockdowns and shelter-in-place orders as a result of the spread of COVID-19.

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