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Geo Week Round-up: OGC Testbed-15 | Concentration Camp Mapping | Questioning Accuracy | AI for Image Analysis

Welcome to the Geo Week News weekly update! The articles below have been hand picked from recent geospatial news. A new update is posted each Monday.

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Results of OGC’s biggest Innovation Initiative in 2019, Testbed-15, are now available

The Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) has published the outcomes of 2019’s biggest research and development initiative, Testbed-15. The key outcomes, including detailed Engineering Reports, overview presentations, and videos, are freely available on the Testbed-15 webpage.

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Scientists Use Lidar to Map a Forgotten Nazi Concentration Camp off the Coast of France

What today looks like an idyllic patch of land in the Channel Islands was, some 75 years ago, a Nazi concentration camp. Now, researchers have thoroughly mapped the nearly forgotten camp of Lager Sylt for the first time, National Geographic reports. Because they were not allowed to excavate, the researchers used a combination of historical aerial photographs, the laser-based remote sensing method known as lidar, and 3D reconstruction techniques.

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Is MM-Level Accuracy Not Important Anymore?

In the past few years the reality capture industry has seen an explosion of new solutions entering the market. Many of these solutions are not following the typical aspirations we have seen traditionally from new products entering the market. Until recently, many of the new products entering the market were chasing one of two goals, accuracy and/or range. A few years back accuracy and the gold standard of millimeter or even sub-millimeter accuracy were the goals for new product development if not aiming to achieve this accuracy at increased ranges or others purely aiming at increased range.

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L3Harris developing artificial-intelligence (AI)-based image processing tool for intelligence analysts

L3Harris is building a new platform that will help analysts in the military use artificial intelligence to identify objects in large imagery data sets. “In general, there’s a big challenge with the amount of remote sensing data that’s coming down, whether that’s from space or airborne assets,” explained Will Rorrer, principal of business development for geospatial at L3Harris Technologies.

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