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Geo Week Round-up: Remote Sensing for Disasters | Direct Georeferencing | Data for Good

Welcome to the Geo Week News weekly update! The articles below have been hand picked from recent geospatial news. A new update is posted each Monday.

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Getting Ready for Disaster Events with Remote Sensing

In view of the increased frequency and severity of natural disasters, timely information related to the distribution of vulnerable populations and critical infrastructure is key for effective disaster relief. OpenStreetMap shows great potential to support humanitarian mapping tasks and has provided vital information in many past major disasters. Publicly available remotely sensed measurements can be utilized to identify areas that have not yet been fully mapped and help guide and prioritize future mapping efforts in preparation for future disasters.

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Data for a Better Future

The future can be greatly improved by use of data and this is particularly true for mining and construction industries. However, capturing data isn’t enough, companies need to connect the dots from data to information to insights for making decisions. The enterprises that master this process will be in a position to make proactive decisions frequently, which is a big advantage in our industry.

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UAVs and AVs Fuel Direct Georeferencing Boom

Taking advantage of travel to Toronto, Ontario, Canada for a meeting of the Council of the International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, LIDAR Magazine managing editor Stewart Walker Ubered to the suburbs, to visit Applanix, the acknowledged pioneer and lead player in GNSS/IMU technology for geospatial purposes. How were they doing? What changes have they made since we last visited in 20081? Are they still first-in-industry? Here is what he found.

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Show with the flow: Elevation maps reveal world rivers

For World Water Day, Esri UK used data to uncover watercourse in stunning detail. This image features the main distributary of the Ganges, illustrated by elevation.

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