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Kucera International Inc.

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Kucera International Inc.

Kucera International is a leading provider of aerial remote sensing, lidar processing/classification, surveying, photogrammetric mapping/imaging, geospatial data conversion and analysis, and related services for government, industrial/commercial, professional, and educational/research applications. Kucera’s staff of over 60 experienced geomatic professionals at offices in OH, PA, NC, and FL includes licensed/certified photogrammetrists, surveyors, engineers, GIS specialists, project managers, pilots, and aircraft mechanics. For data acquisition, Kucera operates a fleet of high-performance, multi-port aircraft outfitted with latest generation lidar, digital aerial imaging, and multispectral sensing systems together with advanced airborne and ground GPS technologies. For data processing, mapping, and analysis Kucera uses a variety of robust, proven remote sensing, photogrammetric, imaging, and GIS/CAD technologies/softwares. Kucera regularly works throughout the US and abroad.

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